Cinema in peacetime!

What We Left Unfinished, Director: Mariam Ghani, Section ForumWhat We Left Unfinished is a documentary film, directed by Mariam Ghani, about five films realized between 1978- 1992 that were left unfinished by directors because of the revolution in Afghanistan.

It is an interesting subject for us to see how the director brought 5 unfinished films together and what is her message? Does she bring political issues in her documentary or does she just skips it because of her father being the preseident of Afghanistan?

Does she talks about the problems of the national film institut Afghanfilm founded in the sixties, in this situation? In the place, she is now (as daughter of the president) how does she cover all darkness of Afghanfilm?  In What We Left Unfinished, we haven’t seen anything special. The director doesn’t have any talent to show to the audience.

She doesn’t have any clever questions to those she interviews about these 5 films, she edits scene next to the scene, inbewtween and as voice over we hear the interviews.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t give answers to any of our questions. The nice thing and surprising thing for us was the interesting atmosphere in the five unfinished films and a new view from Afghanistan before the war. Not a lot of picture can be found of our country in nowadays.

Text by Baran and Frishteh / frishtehsadate