Galvanizing thoughts

„Seven years ago, I was here in Berlin performing at the Schaubühne and seven years later I’m standing introducing my first feature film,” thats how the young filmmaker and actor Alexander Gorchilin introduced his film Kislota (Acid) at the Berlinale 69 in section Panorama.

Switching Lightning, freighting scenes, a flooded apartment, a toilet in the middle of the room, Vanya naked jumps to his death off a balcony. ‘If you want to jump, jump,’ Pete had told him. Before.

The young director Gorchilin answered regarding the domination of the fatherless characters: “its a common phenomena in Russia that children are fatherless, and the father is either in prison, out of the country or died.”

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Kislota – Confusing just like being young

Once a friend told me that I just need to survive my 20s and then it will get better. I wasn’t sure what exactly will get better: me or life. But after watching „Kislota“ (Section Panorama) from a 26 year old Alexander Gorchilin I might know the answer.

„Kislota“ means acid, and if there are drugs at the beginning of the movie, they have to „shoot“. I guess the ambiguity of youth could be partially described by the first scene: LSD trip, two people on a balcony, one of them hangs from it, another one looks carelessly and says: if you want to jump, do it. And so he jumps. It’s absurd but it’s also an honest scene: when you’re young you don’t have to be responsible about anything. You don’t have to care yet.

I liked that the director didn’t pretend to „know it all“, he showed young people as they are: constantly looking for something, but not sure where to look, or how long it is going to take, or if they can even see. The plot is also „young“, it doesn’t always make sense, it drifts away, and confuses the audience. But as a young person, I could relate – I also have no idea what’s going on, but with every new day I get a feeling that I’m about to figure it out.

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