A weakness

The Operative, Section Competition: Some events in the movie take place in Iran. A woman goes to Iran as a spy and meets an Iranian guy. They build up a relationship. The guy brings her to an underground party (which is prohibited in Iran) and later tries to get close and closer…

There are some thinks I didn’t liked and I take them as a weakness! For example, actors which suppose to be from Tehran but not even the language they were speaking was proper Farsi! But anyway I found the film interesting.

Text by samansamansaman


The iranian film Hojoom begins with some boys in a sports club; they have a friend called Saman. Saman has a twin sister and they are both vampires. But no one knews until the middle of the movie, after killing Saman they realize he has a sister. All friends have to donate two bottles of their own blood to Saman and his sister.

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Otherwise it Blows Your Mind!

Hojoom (Invasion) by Shahram Mokri is a movie that has to be seen!
The film is sophisticated and mysterious; it is difficult to speak of everything that the filmmaker has in mind at least in the first encounter. But the point I can cite is that the „Invasion“ consists of the same formic-content attributes that we have seen in other director’s work like his first long feature Cat and Fish, with the difference that all of them have evolved here.
The director shows the atmosphere of Iran. A sick system that controls you, a fogy space, a lot of lies, absurdity and disappointments, fears… Weiterlesen „Otherwise it Blows Your Mind!“