First Film Director

Idris Elba was unfortunately not yet in Berlin for the first screening of his movie Yardie shown in the section Panorama of the 68 edition of the Berlinale.
Yardie is the first experience as director for Idris Elba after an immense career as actor. The film is based on a book with the same title by Victor Headley from 1992. The story takes place in Jamaica, 1973 when Dennis, a young boy witnesses his brother’s assassination due to a fight between two gangs. He dives into a criminal and drugs dealing world. Weiterlesen „First Film Director“

Longest Film at the Berlinale

An Elephant Sitting Still, the longest film in the Berlinale 2018. For me it’s a reason to watch it, and see what this young film director Hu Bo made in his 4 hours film, especially when you know that film is the first long film of him and unfortunately the last. Weiterlesen „Longest Film at the Berlinale“